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"We have been thrilled to see all of our hotels reap the rewards of focusing on Guest Satisfaction thanks to Adele's passion and coaching. The results are many including increased Demand and ADR, but that's not all. Our staff is happy and full of pride in what they have been able to accomplish as a team."  
Peter Velk -Managing Director Library Hotel Collection
“Adele is, without compare, the single most useful resource a hotelier could have when considering upgrading their hotel's reputation. Her accomplishments with The Library Collection are famous and should stand as sufficient testimonial to her comprehensive abilities. In the often-crowded field of hospitality marketing experts, Adele is a breath of fresh air. Her guidance is free of ego, her messages have no subtext and her content is packed with value."
Ben Hanley - Founder Three And Six Agency
"Adele and I were on the HSMAI marketing advisory board together and I learned what a delightful person she is. Her greatest contribution for our industry will always be helping hotels systematically improve the happiness of their guests. I have often heard her speak on the topic and been with her when others are asking her - "what's your secret to staying on top of TripAdvisor year after year?" She saw first hand how valuable it was to elevate the customer experience and she collected a lot of knowledge about the  best ways to make it happen. I was thrilled when I saw that she was now working with other organizations to share that wisdom. Hire Adele right away, you will see the return!"

Holly Zoba-Scout Simply and Influencer Sales Training
I had a chance to work closely with Adele at Hotel Elysee as part of the opening team of Aria Hotel Budapest. She is an amazing leader who truly has a passion for the hospitality industry and understands that delivering great service will not only result in happy guests but also increased revenue. Today, I fully understand the meaning of her famous line, "sparkle sunshine on each guest" and I can confidently say that having someone as Adele on your team for consultation and guidance will bring much success to your hotel and your team! 
Diana Moshak
Adele’s understanding of the hospitality industry is beyond exceptional,  with a remarkable aptitude for organizational problem-solving.
She has a wonderful  talent for guest relations training; the personal touches she has taught us for guest communications has been a game changer, assuring the highest level of customer service is met. Adele is also a joy to work with. She has been an amazing role model and mentor in my success.
John Taboada- General Manager, Casablanca Hotel
Adele is one of the best mentors I had in my life. Even as a rookie (me), she made things so easy yet thorough that being a successful Revenue Manager was achieved by me soon under her guidance.
Adele's experience and out of box thinking had guided a lot of us even in the toughest times {2008 recession). But Adele somehow gets that extra energy to go beyond just Revenue and ensures the properties attain the highest of service standards to be in the top lists such as TripAdvisor, etc.
Thanks Adele for being a great mentor and a visionary in the hospitality industry
Vaibhav Sood
Few people have the opportunity to report to a VP who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Adele. I had the pleasure of working for her during my time at the Library Hotel Collection. I was always in awe of Adele’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas and her skills to juggle multiple projects were unlike any I’ve seen before. Being able to collaborate on several projects with Adele allowed me to learn invaluable insight into the Hospitality industry. Whenever I had questions, Adele responded right away. Her patience and willingness to help motivate me to do the best job I could do. Thank you for being such a great boss.
Nicole Dupont
Working with Adele has been literally a turning point for my professional career. Working on photo shoots with Adele I learned a lot about focusing on the benefits and warm feelings we were communicating with guests, much more than working beside other photographers. Working with her brought my approach to the work to another level: for the global vision she has about the job , the way she takes care of the details without losing time with  problems you can't control, and positivity she always carries with her. I feel really privileged to have worked with her.
Stefano Pinci - Hotel and Travel photographer
Adele is really talented with a real and strong passion for the hospitality industry. She has always great ideas and love to try new and innovative concepts that qualifies her as a really disruptive hotelier! I am looking forward to work with her in new adventures. 
Sébastien Feliz Sébastien -Founder, Influence Society
Adele should be an institution! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Adele teach groups of hoteliers how to engage guests several times, and I never tire of her energy, enthusiasm and love of the industry. Adele is a Marketing visionary and if you ever get the chance to pick her brains, DO!

Rich Tuckwell-Skuda - COO at Platinum Companies
"Positive word of mouth and great online reviews are the best kind of marketing- maximum impact with zero cost"
Michail Tzouvelekis - Director of Global Marketing -Fornova
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Discover the Proven Method for Earning and Inspiring 5-Star Guest Reviews

Are you like many hoteliers today who are frustrated by suboptimal reviews that don’t reflect your beliefs about your property’s best work?
Do you wish you could learn the secret to why some hotels consistently receive 5-Star reviews regardless of their size, style, or classification?
Wouldn't you like to see those dreaded online negative reviews, replaced by a shower of enthusiastic, heartfelt praise for your hotel’s staff and service?
I know your pain points because I have been there. In my 20 years with Library Hotel Collection I have worked with many hotel General Managers and Marketing Directors on building their hotel reputation. 
It all started in 2002 when one of our boutique hotels, the Hotel Giraffe, was ranked #3 in New York City by guest Ratings on Tripadvisor, and the other hotels varied in placements between 3 and 56.  When I congratulated the General Manager at Hotel Giraffe, she said that being on top was the best marketing ever, and our bookings were flying everytime we were in the top seven hotels. We call that "the billboard effect". 

Like many of you, we wondered why one hotel was getting great reviews and the others were just as lovely, but not achieving the same success. 
It wasn't easy, but we were determined to unlock the secret to getting all of our hotels to the top rankings on review sites because the added online exposure was more effective than anything we had ever done before. 
And so we did! 
It was actually fun! 
And the results were beyond our dreams. 

I was able to orchestrate an astonishing level of guest review success of eight hotels over the years with the Library Hotel Collection, regardless of the hotel's size or luxury classifications. What's more, success has sustained itself over 15 years,  despite nearly 200 new hotels opening in New York City, many of them far more opulent and luxurious than our hotels and because the results were deeply rooted in the corporate culture. 

Many said that our method would not hold up in Europe, but when we launched the Aria Hotel Prague it quickly became the #1 rated hotel in the Czech Republic on Tripadvisor. 

When we opened the Aria Hotel in Budapest, it was #1 in Budapest within 3 months of opening and it has stayed #1 for 5 years and counting. 

Are Hotel Budapest was even ranked the #1 Hotel IN THE WORLD on the 2017 Tripadvisor's Travelers Choice Awards, outshining 1.1 million accommodations on Tripadvisor. 

And our newest property, Hotel X Toronto is not even fully completed yet, and it has already been rated as the #7 Luxury Hotel in Canada on the 2020 Travelers Choice Awards. 

The list goes on, but you hopefully get the idea. You too can have wonderful guest experience success stories if you are willing to change your mindset, your communications, and your commitment to making your guests happy. 
Now, it is my mission to share this method with any hotelier who understands that it is just as easy to give outstanding service, once you know how how to embrace feedback and inspire your team.  
 I would be absolutely honored to work with you on a weekly basis, to coach you through applying these secrets to 5-Star review success to your property.
Over the months that we work together, I will continuously send you access to tips for success, and ideas that worked amazingly well for other hotels. 
Each week, when you and your team will have one-on-one coaching sessions with me, I will only be focused on working with you on your hotel's unique opportunities and challenges. 

Together we will craft your hotel's Reputation Transformation, building success one guest at a time, brick by brick, celebrating the little wins, and staying motivated and on point every step of the way.

Let's take the first step today, with a free, no-obligation Reputation Assessment, and complimentary consultation. Once I understand your goals, I will be delighted to present you with a proposal that I hope you will find to be the best investment your hotel's future success! 
Take the first step today!

About Me

For almost 15 years I have loved speaking at conferences about Reviews and the Guest Experience as an aspect of Hospitality Marketing. Now, I am taking that passion that I have applied so successfully at the Library Hotel Collection, and inviting other hoteliers to work with me to harness the power of a stellar reputation to drive demand to your hotel. It takes commitment, but it works. I am confident if you are open to the process, you will realize the results you aspire to.